Artwork & Antiques Relocation

Are you looking for a premium logistics service to help move artwork and antiquities? Whether you’re going just down the road, hundreds of miles away or changing country, we’re here to help you.   We’re what many would call a ‘premium man with a van’. What does that mean to you? Essentially we’re a high-quality, reliable and trustworthy removals service that understands the value and importance of your belongings. We put as many measures in place as we can to ensure the protection and care of your artwork and antiquities remain paramount.  


  Perhaps you’re planning an exhibition of your paintings and want to make sure they get to the gallery in perfect condition? Maybe you’ve made a successful bid for a piece at an auction and need it transported home with expert care? Possibly you’re moving house and want to transfer your artwork, or you’re sending a piece as a gift to someone you love?   Whatever your needs and requirements are when transporting artwork and antiquities, we are experienced in handling all types of artwork, at all kinds of price points. We endeavour to prepare and protect all items before transporting them to your chosen location.   We understand how much your artwork means to you, and we utilise decades of experience to put your needs first. Ultimately, we want you, the customer, to feel satisfied and have a stress-free experience. There’s no need for any hassle when you’re working with a premium man with a van.  


  Our item relocation service is the perfect solution for moving precious and/or fragile antiquities from one place to another – whether you’re a professional dealer or a private collector. Thanks to the high level of care we take in handling your items, you can relax that all your antiquities will be in safe hands throughout the whole process.   We ensure your antiquities are packed and stored with paramount care, before taking them on their journey. We will keep you updated throughout, and ensure all necessary insurance has been taken out beforehand. There’s a reason why we class ourselves as ‘premium’. Our service is second-to-none and we pride ourselves on this stellar work.  


When it comes to transportation, we work with care and due diligence to provide a trusted service. This will typically require a van, but depending on where the final destination is, we may also need to use the Eurotunnel or a ferry to get to where you need. We can collect artwork from your home, auction houses, eBay sellers and so forth.   Before we put any artwork or antiquities into our vehicles, we will always ensure they have been wrapped and protected effectively. If we don’t feel they have, we’ll make sure this happens first and contact you ahead of time if we foresee any potential problems. Your artwork and antiquities matter to you, and therefore they matter to us too. We treat them as if they were our own, giving you the best value for money and greatest service available.

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