Pre-packing advice from Your Man With A Van

As a man with a van, our team can help you with loads of issues you might encounter when moving, but one thing we can’t really help you with on moving day is packing your items into boxes. What we can do is offer some pre-packing advice on how to tackle packing up your possessions, based on years of our personal experience.

1) Get the right boxes

You can’t start packing too early. As soon as you know you’re moving, start looking for boxes. You can never have enough. Durable double walled boxes are the crème de la crème of the moving world as they can take more weight. If you’re struggling to get boxes, pop in to see our friends at Hoddesdon Self Storage, who sell a huge range of packing boxes and materials. If you’re looking for storage, have a chat with them about their great deals on renting a bit of space.

2) Have a good sort out

There’s no point taking something damaged, broken or useless to your new home. Get rid of it! If you’ve not used something in the last six months, you’re probably not going to need it in the future. If someone else could make use of it, pop it down to the charity shop or sell it online.

3) Write it down

Whatever you’re putting into each box should be written down on an inventory. Not only is it useful for you to know what’s going into each box for easy unpacking, but your contents insurance company will be able to give you an accurate quote if you know exactly what you’re insuring.

4) Size order

It’s a good idea to start with your larger items. Once they’re into a box, you’ll see what space is left for smaller items which could be safely packed around them. If a small item is heavy, put it into a small box by itself, and don’t be tempted to add more – you don’t want to add excessive weight to your boxes. Overloading the boxes is Dangerous for you, your possessions, and your man with a van.

5) Get protected

Keep a stock of old newspaper and packaging materials which might arrive with any mail order parcels you receive. Wrap every single item which might get damaged at least once or twice with paper or foam wrap. Hit the internet to see some really innovative tips for protecting your goods in transit. Securely seal your boxes with a cross of strong tape, which you can get from Hoddesdon Self Storage.Ready to move? So are we. Get in touch with Your Man With A Van, and let’s get a date in the diary.Your Friendly Removal Company Hatfield

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