5 Tools A Man with a Van can’t live without

Having a small business such as a removals firm naturally means a lot of work for the owner and any staff they might have; it also means keeping costs and administrative burdens down. Today it’s easier than ever to do that, thanks to a growing number of popular tools that help to make running your own small business a breeze.

So if you are a “Man with a Van” or involved in the removals industry, here are five tools you might like to consider using to make your business more efficient, and profitable:


1) Catch the Wave (waveapps.com)

One thing small business owners generally loathe more than anything is accounting. They might know little about it, but can’t yet afford to hire an accountancy firm. But the accounts need doing – it is, after all, a legal requirement in business. With Wave accounting, all those worries simply evaporate. It’s simple and free accounting and you can also do your taxes using this powerful software.


2) That’s Zettled! (izettle.com)

Getting paid, and as swiftly as possible, is essential to the health of any company, and especially small ones that may have limited cashflow. That’s what makes iZettle such a dream. A customer doesn’t have cash and you don’t have a card machine from the bank? No problem. iZettle lets businesses take payments on the go, using a small card reader and their mobile phone to make the transaction. The more you sell, the lower the rates for using it – and when you open an account, you get a card reader for free. It turns your mobile phone (or tablet computer) into a till.


3) Road runner (logmein.com)

On the road and want to pull up some client information from a file on your computer – only you don’t have your computer with you? That’s where LogMeIn is so invaluable. Simply access your computer using – you guessed it – your mobile phone.


4) All backed up (dropbox.com)

Backups of files and data are crucial to any company – lose them and you may well go out of business. Dropbox is a free way to ensure all your precious files are safely stored away on a cloud server, and it’s great for file-sharing too.


5) My Online Social life

Don’t forget you need to get the word out if you’re going to keep drumming up business. There’s no need to spend loads – or anything, really – on advertising, when you can do it quickly, easily and for free on Facebook, Twitter and the other popular social media platforms.

Your Man With A Van is totally connected and wired up for true business success. Get in touch today if you need help with moving house or having something transported.


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