Moved house? Here are some top lifting tips…

A top man with a van service will often offer help when it comes to shifting your items at either end of a house move. However, it is not uncommon for customers to want to get involved with the moving, especially as they know where they want to place things!

Even the fittest among us should be careful when lifting heavy items. So if you have just moved property, and are ready to assemble everything at the other end, bear in mind these top tips for lifting:

– Get kitted out – are you wearing the best possible clothes and footwear for the job? Expensive garments are a no-no, and consider wearing some handling gloves for a better grip – this might reduce your chances of dropping heavy items. If you do drop anything, you will be thankful if you wore some heavy duty footwear!

– Plan your route – when moving a large or heavy item from A to B, it helps to have a clear idea of how you will get there. That means taking note of any obstacles which could get in the way and removing them if possible.

– Hold tight – the correct way to lift heavy loads is to stand with your feet apart for stability, before holding as tightly as possible, hugging the item to your body. When you are ready to lift, remember to bend both your knees and hips, rather than squatting fully.

– Heaviest side closest to you – lift the item so that its heaviest side is closest to your body, and when you are up and moving, keep an eye out for obstructions by keeping your head up at all times – try not to twist or look down!

– Look out for ‘tripwires’ – when carrying large electronic devices, make sure all cables and wires are secure and not Dangling. They could become tripwires if left to swing free, presenting the possibility of a nasty fall.

– Dismantle when you can – you should take apart anything which is easier to lift when disassembled.

There are our top lifting tips. Remember, you should always ask a removals professional for help with large and heavy items. Find out more and get in touch today – Your Friendly Removal Company Hatfield


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