Item relocation

Here at Your Man with a Van, we offer a highly popular item relocation service which involves getting a one-off special item safely from A to B. This could include transporting an extra large sized painting or art installation to a gallery, ferrying the family pet to your new address, delivering a precious antique, or relocating any other item that calls for a premium service and special care and attention to detail.


Planning an exhibition of your paintings and want to make sure they get to the gallery in perfect condition? Maybe you’ve made a successful bid for a piece at an auction and need it transported home with expert care. If so, we’re experienced in handling all types of artwork and will ensure all items are expertly prepared and protected before transporting them to your chosen location.


Our item relocation service is the perfect solution to moving precious and/or fragile antiquities from one place to another, whether you’re a private collector or a professional dealer. Thanks to the great care we take in handling your items, you can afford to relax – your antiquities are in safe hands every step of the journey.

Bulky items

When it comes to transporting bulky items such as a large mirror, a pool table for the games’ room, home gym equipment, or an outsized piece of furniture, our item relocation service is exactly what you need. Cost-effective, quick, and convenient, you can avoid the hassle of renting a van, or asking a friend to help when we can do the job for you.



Domestic Animals

Moving your pet from one place to another? Don’t worry – we’ve got it covered. We may baulk at transporting a full-grown boa constrictor across town, but our pet-friendly item relocation service is adept at handling all other types of domestic animals such as cats, dogs, caged birds, hamsters. Regarding Aquatic life, we tend to refer on to a specialist but we are happy to discuss options.

Wedding cakes, gowns, and gifts

If you want to make sure a special or surprise item arrives at the venue in one piece, whether it’s a three-tier wedding cake, bridal party dresses, or carefully wrapped gifts, you can count on us to deliver. All your items are treated with respect at all times, from collection through to final delivery.

Airport collection & deliveries

Our item relocation services include airport collection and deliveries. Simply tell us what you want to be collected or delivered and provide us with the relevant paperwork, and we’ll take it from there. To find out more about this or any of our other item relocation services, please give us a call today. 

Lawn Mowers & Garden Tractors

For items such as Garden Tractors, Quad Bikes and other recreational vehicles we use heavy duty ramps, purpose-built for Cars and Trucks to be absolutely sure of safety when loading for both item and our Vehicle.