House Moving Service Hertfordshire

Moving House
When you’re moving home, finding the right man for the job is much like choosing a good decorator or plumber – it has to be someone you can trust. At Your Man with a Van, we make it our priority to tailor every step of the way to your meet your needs.We know how important it is that the moving team understands your needs and is willing to work on your terms. And we appreciate that many of your belongings hold sentimental value, so a little extra care and attention is key. If we need to meet with you at an unusual time or make a slight detour to the route at the very last minute, then that’s what we’ll do. And of course, we’re happy to discuss and plan your move right down to the finest detail.Your Man with a Van is committed to providing the most professional and reliable service possible, even when the job seems a little daunting.“One job comes to mind where there was a three-seater sofa-bed, among other items, to be shifted from a ground floor flat in Bethnal Green to a fourth floor flat in Hackney. This sort of thing isn’t generally a problem for us, but somewhat more tricky when hoisting the sofa round a turning point on the stairs with the bed section of the sofa trying to come away from its frame! But with some quick thinking, we carefully rested the sofa section on the landing, one of the guys holding an end whilst I quickly ran to the van and grabbed two ratchet straps and a short plank of wood, successfully securing the two pieces together. Crisis averted ‒ and one to watch out for in future!”