In association with Hoddesdon Self Storage

Hoddesdon Self Storage Hertfordshire

Your Man With A Van works closely with Hoddesdon Self Storage, in order to bring both our customers the very best storage and logistics options available in Hertfordshire. HSS’s positive work ethic and personable attitude together with their prompt approach and gentlemanly attitude provide us with the confidence that you the customer will be given the best service possible. They are Fully Insured with 24 Hour CCTV.

Hoddesdon Self Storage – 01992 478862

hoddesdon-self-storageHoddesdon Self Storage is a brand new facility comprising the latest in Security with Steel Storage rooms, Intruder and Fire alarms.Self Storage can be seen as a hotel for your belongings. Whether you are a private individual or a business, they can provide the ideal solution to your temporary or long term storage needs.With units available from just 20 ft up to open warehouse space of 4,000 sq ft they can match your exact needs – everything from a single box to the complete contents of a house, office or workshop. Need more space or less – not a problem. Sign up today and start moving in immediately.To make your life – and your back – easier, trolleys and pallet trucks are available free-of-charge. We even have a ‘one stop’ packaging shop on site that stocks a wide selection of boxes and packing materials to make the whole process completely stress-free. We have no minimum charge period and no notice period, you only pay for the days you stay.Hoddesdon Self Storage is based at the “Hert” of the County in Hoddesdon and is easily accessible from the main road should you require access to your belongings between the move in and out date.

Personal Use

You’ll find friendly and professional service from expert staff who will treat you personally to ensure that your requirements are met. Whether you need personal storage while you’re renovating or decorating, travelling, moving, renting or just de-cluttering… They can help!They’ve got units in all shapes and sizes, so whether you have just a handful of small personal effects, or the entire contents of your home they can accommodate. Their prices are competitive and are constantly working hard to keep our overheads down so that they can offer the best possible value for money. Once you’ve signed you rental agreement and deposited your goods you can come and go as you please or give Your Man With A Van a call again and we’ll bring you what you require. We just request that you sign in first at reception, which is for Fire regulation and Health and Safety purposes.

Business Users

This is the perfect option for a new start up business, expanding enterprises, local reps or franchisees in need of business space, but not wanting to take on the commitment of long-term leased premises. Maybe your an e-trader looking for space to store your stock. Or a business looking for warehouse space on a per square feet basis, we can accommodate with up to 4,000sqft available. If you are a larger business with a seasonal requirement for extra space, you will equally enjoy the simplicity of a low-cost Self Storage Room rental with us.
  • No Lease or purchase to negotiate
  • No Solicitors to pay
  • No rates / utility bills
  • No Long Term Commitment
Typically these hidden costs can double the rental price of a traditional lease. With us you rent the storage room by way of a simple rental agreement, and pay every month in advance. You need to give only seven days notice to vacate. With storage space available from 20 sq ft or units in excess of 100 sq ft, you will not find a more flexible means to provide for the needs of your business space. Best of all, you can add or move rooms at any time, as your needs change. You can even rent shelving from us, there could not be a more flexible solution to you business storage needs.We will also accept deliveries on your behalf and our flat bed trolleys are free to use in the store. Security is provided by the latest 24 hour CCTV and alarm systems. Remember that you hold the only key for your Storage Room!

Storage Guide

Unit SizeEquivalent ToPossible ContentsTransport
10 sq ftLarge locker10 medium boxes, ideal for sports equipment1/4 Van Load
25 sq ft25% of a standard garage30 medium boxes, a washing machine, fridge and microwave1/2 Van Load
35 sq ft33% of a standard garage/studio flat25-30 medium boxes, a dining table and 6 chairs2/3 Van Load
50 sq ft50% of a standard garage/studio flat20 medium boxes, a fridge freezer, microwave, 2 seater sofa, double bed, chest of drawers, bedside cabinet, TV and home entertainment system3/4 Van Load
50-75 sq ft1 bedroom flat20-25 medium boxes, a washing machine, fridge freezer, table and 4 chairs, wall cabinet, 2 seater sofa and armchair, double bed, chest of drawers, bedside cabinet, TB home entertainment system1 Van Load
75-100 sq ft2 bedroom flat30 medium boxes; a washing machine and fridge freezer; a 3seater sofa and 2 armchairs; a double bed, 2 bedside cabinets, a chest of drawers and a standard double wardrobe, plus a single bed, small chest of drawers and single wardrobe OR home office equipment; and dining table with 4 chairs, plus TV and home entertainment system1.5 Van Load
100-125 sq ft2 bedroom house35-40 medium boxes; a washing machine, a fridge-freezer, dish washer, microwave; 3 seater and 2 seater sofas; 2 double beds, 4 bedside cabinets, 2 chests of drawers and 2 wardrobes; a table with 6 chairs; plus TV and home entertainment system. Garden equipment furniture1.75 Van Loads
125-150 sq ft3 bedroom house40 medium boxes; a washing machine, a fridge-freezer, dishwasher and microwave; 3-seater and 2-seater sofas; 1 double bed plus 2 singles, 4 bedside cabinets, 4 chest of drawers, 1 double and 2 single wardrobes; a table with 6 chairs; TV and home entertainment system, and coffee table; plus garden furniture/equipment2 Van Loads
150-175 s qft4 bedroom house40 medium boxes; a washing machine, a fridge-freezer, dishwasher and microwave; 3 seater and 2-seater sofas; 1 double bed plus 2 singles, 4 bedside cabinets, 4 chest of drawers, 1 double and 2 single wardrobes, a sofa bed; home office equipment system, coffee table; plus garden furniture/equipment3 Van Loads
175-200 sq ft5 bedroom house50 medium boxes; washing machine, fridge-freezer, dishwasher and microwave; 3 and 2 seater sofas; 1 double bed plus 3 singles, 5 bedside cabinets, 4 chest of drawers, 1 double and 2 single wardrobes, a table with 6 chairs; breakfast table and 6 chairs; TV and entertainment system, and 2 coffee tables; plus conservatory and garden furniture/equipment4 Van Loads