Van & Man – Prices

Our van man prices are extremely competitive but will vary from job to job, so please contact us for a more specific quotation, in the meantime please take a look at some of our job examples below:



£60 1hour, dining room suite collection and delivery within Hertford
£75 Parcel Delivery, Welwyn to Harlow
£160 3hours, 2 bedroom Flat, Broxbourne to Hoddesdon
£90 2x 2 piece Sofa suite, 1 mattress and bed frame, collect, store for 2 weeks and redeliver with Hertford Town
£220 House Move, Brookmans Park to Essendon
£160 5x Potted Olive Trees, Chelsea Square to Essendon, Hertford
£240 2x 2 seater Sofa suite, 2x chest of drawers, 1 wardrobe & 12 boxes of clothes, Basildon Essex to Welwyn
£280 Parkside steel Rocking-Horse delivery, Norfolk to Watford
£220 Books and Architectural Files, Hertford to Amesbury
£240 75 Boxes of Educational Books, Slough to Cambridge
£300 Ebay collection and delivery of a 10 seater Church pew, Hertford to Poole
£600 5 Piece Luxury Georgian Sofa Suite, Cambridge to Carlisle
  g_van5   I don’t just want to be a typical White Van Man who you don’t have respect for, nor me to you. I want it to be more personal than that, you go-to for all things moving related and handyman jobs if necessary, even your friend as is the case with nearly all my customers so far. The above van man prices are intended to be a guide so please don’t hesitate to get in contact for a proper quotation.

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