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3 important things you can’t forget about before moving day

If you’re in the process of moving house, you’ll know just how stressful it is. In between tying up loose ends with the solicitor, packing your belongings and putting together a plan of action for moving day, you want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Yet amidst all the chaos, it’s easy to forget a few important things, like:

1. What you’re going to do with your rubbish

Until you start sorting through your wardrobes, your loft and the boxes under your bed, you won’t realise just how much rubbish you’ve collected over the years. From piles of old wage slips and bank statements to clothes you haven’t worn since 2007, you could soon find yourself with bags and bags of things you need to throw away. And what are you going to do with that old sofa now you’ve ordered a new one? Save yourself the hassle of hiring a skip or going to the tip by asking a man with a van to take it all away for you.

2. How you’re going to move awkward furniture

With so many large, heavy and bulky items of furniture including wardrobes and sofas, you might be wondering how you’re going to get them all out of your old home and into your new one without damaging anything. And if you’re moving into or out of a flat, lugging it all up and down several flights of stairs probably seems like an impossible task. Don’t try to do it all yourself – your man with a van would be happy to help.

3. How you’re going to reassemble your furniture

Some items, such as your bed, will need to be taken down before being loaded into the removals van. Unscrewing all the nuts and bolts and dismantling the frame may be quite easy, but have you thought about how long it will take to put it all back together again? Whether you’re not very handy or won’t feel like doing it at the end of a long and stressful day, ask your man with a van to reassemble your furniture for you.

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Packing in 24 hours

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, but what makes it even more stress-inducing is having little to no time to organise your stuff. Perhaps you have to move out of rented accommodation with little notice, or maybe you’ve been so busy with surveys, finance and mortgages that you’ve run out of time to organise your belongings. However, not all is lost! We have lots of tips to help you get sorted before your big moving day.

Get organised

Make sure you have plenty of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, newspaper and marker pens. Put them in one place so you can quickly grab them as you go. It helps to have different sizes of boxes and write a short description on the side so you know what’s inside, for example ‘Kitchen – Plates’.

One room at a time

Focusing on one room at a time will stop you from feeling overwhelmed. It’ll also help you at the other side if your items are packed by room. Write a schedule and stick to it – two hours in the living room, three hours in the kitchen, an hour in the bedroom etc. Only move on to the next room when you’re finished. If you’re moving as a couple or family, give everyone a room to tackle to get the job done in record time.

The more, the merrier

Packing an entire house can be too much for one person in such a short space of time, so why not call in a favour from friends and family? Give them specific jobs like wrapping up all of your kitchen crockeries in bubble wrap or putting DVDs and books in boxes. When you’ve finished packing, treat them to pizza and beer to say thank you.

Tackle difficult tasks first

The most difficult items should be the first on your packing list. The trickiest things to move are heavy and bulky items that may not fit through doors, such as refrigerators, sofas and beds. Make sure these are all cleared and clean first before you start any other items in those rooms. Other tricky items include musical instruments and sports equipment, so make sure these are in cases and prepped to move. If you work from home, you’ll also want to sort through your home office and check your paperwork and electronics are in order.

While packing in 24 hours is more stressful than, say, packing over a week, it can be done. Your Man With A Van can do all light removals and help you with logistics and storage whenever you need it.

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Pre-packing advice from Your Man With A Van

As a man with a van, our team can help you with loads of issues you might encounter when moving, but one thing we can’t really help you with on moving day is packing your items into boxes. What we can do is offer some pre-packing advice on how to tackle packing up your possessions, based on years of our personal experience.

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Don’t let a lack of space cramp your style!

storage2The challenges that all small to medium sized businesses face to thrive in a competitive marketplace are multiple and will be all too familiar to anyone trying to run a profitable enterprise these days. Storage space, or rather the lack of it, are one of those challenges that can become a real headache, especially if you’re trying to manage stock levels throughout the year, taking into account seasonal fluctuations and spikes in demand for your goods. This can be a problem too for digital retailers who don’t want to tie up capital in property when they’d rather invest in marketing their business or buying more stock.

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